Friday, August 20, 2010

Chocolate Love~

Yes, I'm 21 years old, too young to get married or to find that one true love, yet too old for that so-called puppy love. I've been in this world for 21 years yet up to this time, I've never been in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with anyone, never been in that one sweet first kiss, never been in my very own fairy tale love story.

It will be a lie if I say there's no one who tried to get my attention. There are quite some, who dared to start, yet I just simply ignored and then eventually they'll stop. So I'd rather say, no one has ever started, they just dared to start, that's it, no one has ever courted me.

I admit, it's my fault though, since there's something in me that tries to block boys whenever they try to get close, even if I say I'd love to try, there is just something inside of me that doesn't want to.

I won't say I've never been inlove though, coz it is simply not true. As I've always said, I'm inlove with the concept of love. I so love the idea itself. Love itself. Concepts of love I took from novels I've read, movies I've seen or from music I've heard. And there are plenty of times that I've created my own idea of love too. There are quite sometimes that I've formed a fairy-tale love story inside my mind, some with tragic end and some with an "and they lived happily ever after" ending.

It is just so weird how I think I understand the concept of love so much yet I've never encountered such an intimate kind of love before. I see another simple reason, aside from the concepts of love I've read, seen and heard, it might be also because a lot of people love me, my family, friends, random people whom I knew, my dog, including myself too and even those strangers who show they care. It might not be an intimate kind of love but still, it is the same love.

Yes, I'm 21 years old, might be too old for that so-called puppy love but still young to find that one true love. Sooner, in time, I know I will be able to encounter that too. I'm not waiting for it to happen, instead I am making the most of my immature life, who doesn't want to fall in that one true love yet.